Monday, 17 May 2010

Project kesä completed

So, it's the end of the day and I sit on the newly finished balcony. Seems we finished it just in time for summer to start.

Nothing much fun to report today, I am in process of sorting out the wardrobe storing the winter clothes finding the summer clothes and my sports stuff out. Today was mostly doing chores; hoovered, floors washed, dusting, general clean up, 3 loads of washing done (nothing fun).

I also got in touch with Jyväskylä checking confirmation of the language course, one lady was very helpful and rerouted my enquiry from which I am still waiting to hear. I received a confirmation email about my accommodation for the intensive language course but I will be in Tampere as much as I can be.

We watched ice hockey when Eero got home (Finland vs Slovakia), we won! Then we went to the library to return a book, posted my acceptance (acceptance, international student registration and my receipt for the student union) back to University of Jyväskylä. Then went food shopping... there must of been another strike as the shelves were empty so back we went with little of anything.

Eero then went to attach the basket to the front of my bike which doesn't fit... ho hum. So now we have to attach it to the back and maybe get a different one on the front (not a good light to take a photo of the bike I plan on doing it tomorrow). Then hoovered and sorted the balcony, put the new mat down and I attached the new cushions to the chairs (all nicely painted)

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