Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT!

Ok, so I went out for my first walk of the day and EVERYONE is at the lake (well more like a pool.) Anyway its called Ahvenisjärvi. First, I walked to our favourite duck feeding spot, someone was there. Then I walked around to the beach part and all the benches were filled of drunk people. Round the other side of the lake I walked, fast losing hope that I would be able to sit and chill out for a while in the sun listening to my mp3´s on my phone. Finally I found a shaded bench, no one around. No bugs around really, compared to the midges around by the duck feeding spot.

I sat down with my ear phones on, looking at the lake in a world of my own. Something touches my leg, I jump out of my skin. Wondering what just landed on me. Alas, I see a cheeky red fluffy squirrel sat on the bench right beside me. Gutted that I didn't have my camera...

Orava (squirrel) after a minute of staring at me; moving closer and back, bounced off the bench. Picked up a nut and ran up the tree. It was obviously used to being fed. The next sunny day I will go back and see if it comes back, with my camera.

25C and the sun's shinning! a good day. Oh yeah tomorrow is a national holiday so Eero is home!!! hopefully we get my bike ready for riding =)

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