Thursday, 29 April 2010

Master's degree at Jyväskylä

Today brought a good end to an otherwise rough around the edges month. Nothing was going right... well still nothing about my right of residence, nor anything on the jobs front.... but today I got my email confirmation to the acceptance to study my masters in Renewable Energy at Jyväskylä. So I'm super excited, I have a feeling May will be a good month.

Of course, now we have to move from Tampere to Jväskylä, not so much a challenge for me but Eero will have to alter his job too, hope that all goes as planned to!

Thursday was also Wok Wok day, as tomorrow is Vappua! Well I am very excitable now and I can't wait for the weekend's celebrations to begin, even if it rains like it's been forecast! hopefully it doesn't rain too much and i will take some photos =)

It all seems weird to know come August 4th 2010, I will once more become a student... After 15 months of work and 9 of being a housewife, I come full circle and once more become a student. At least there are a lot of language courses with the University of Jyväskyä so i can definitely become fluent in Finnish with 2 years now and leave with a more desirable employment degree. Now I have to start the decision of my thesis; nuclear or renewable energy?

Indeed, it will be a good weekend now as there is much to celebrate!

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