Sunday, 25 April 2010

Project Kesä

Well, if I am honest I haven't done much since the last post. It's been cloudy outside and cool so I opted to stay in doors, read and facebook. I have discovered facebook is a dangerous tool and leads to me spending too much time playing pointless games to pass time... really I should be learning Finnish or reading my environment books and keeping up to date with the science and waste world. Alas I haven't been but much like most of the group I'm not motivated to do anything.

I am still waiting to hear if I get my Right of Residency (applied End of Feb), I do however, hope that when they do reply it's that I don't have to continue to leave every 3 months. It does get very depressing at times and demotivating to put so much effort into trying to learn a new language, prepare for a new masters degree (potentially), look for work and adapt to a new way of living to have to leave every 3 months. Nothing like feeling like you don't belong. Still on the whole I am a happy "outsider"! I suppose some days were going to be like this! I keep happy by knowing one day I will get residency and citizenship and this will all be a distant memory.

My routine is boring me at the moment, cleaning, read, cook, shop. Though I am old enough to realise work is the only thing missing from the grown up world here, I do miss the company of being at work, the purpose and point of having something to do and of course the money! But English is not an official language and I knew that before I came here... I knew I would have to be house wife. I also know I normally land on my feet, somehow I always get lucky... Part of me of course doesn't want to work, it will be more fun now summer is coming to be "free" and look around and take photos of things, get back into nature and learning the Finnish for the nature!

So, as Eero will happily tell you I can't buy a piece of furniture and leave it the way it was brought... it needs to be customized. I like these little projects (i know i did art and graphic design for some reason then). So my last project is the balcony furniture we have 2 wicker/can chairs and a table... they were light wood coloured. Then they got sanded and I am almost done painting them black... (photos when they are done). We are struggling to find any new cushions and I am now getting very tempted to make some myself.

I ordered 4 new Finnish books over the last 2 weeks... so I have something for everything now; grammer, speaking, conversation helping, and some basic ones that build from the basics.... and I have the flash card game Eero brought me a few Christmases ago. So that's all now, kill or cure I have all the material I need to learn this language. Now I need to remember and practise and life will be good!

Life all seems happier ever after writing this blog, funny how writing things down, even moaning things helps.

Here is the photo of our new latern in the day and in twlight time.


  1. Nice blog! I have told to Pekka that housewives have always a job, even if the city is Tampere, Jyväskylä or Raisio :) Kate Suominen, sounds GOO-OD! :)

  2. hehe thanks! blogging is handy to remember everything i do without keeping a diary. there's always something to clean or do. I love projects lol. Yeah I agree with the name so did Eero =D