Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Wok Wok and what not!

Last Friday (9.4.2010) Irina asked me to go to Wok Wok and met some new friends. So off we went in Tampere though I was late as I missed the 23 bus into city but better late than never. I have never really been into city too much (avoid spending money that's not free to waste) so i found Wok Wok's website then put the address on google streetview (its a god send!!). So we went and had lunch where I met Lauren, Donna (both learning Finnish like us!) and Nina. We all had a nice lunch and a gossip and went for a shop in the city.

Saturday was Irina's birthday party to so another eventful day, we went around there apartment for food and then into city to Soho (a bar) so the boy's could watch football and drink beer lol. i was happy as I got to drive home. Driving is still quite strange here as I'm used to driving on the left but driving on the right is slowly making more sense. There are some weird road signs here though and I need to learn the parking ones with writing on (don't want to get a ticket!)

Sunday, peaceful and chilled out, how all Sunday's should be. Eero went to Heikki's to play games and chat. I stayed in worked out and tried to learn some more Finnish.

Then on Monday the sun came out!!! It was 22C, ahhh warm and nice. The Finnish language course ends this week so I need to research the next course idea and i need to get one to gain more confidence speaking though the summer course or that is €200 for a week *sighs*. At least it's money well spent, it's not like I'm ever leaving Finland permanently but it would be nice to get a job and learn some Finnish while earning a living lol! I have been advised to enjoy these free days as I will have them no more until I retire!

Allergies are a behaving a bit better though if I touch some foods e.g. potatoes raw I get a rash and stupidly I rubbed my eye the other day and that itched too!! Though eating things that have been cooked well is at least making my diet easier.


  1. Hang in there with those allergies!
    Do yours get better post-spring?

  2. no mine get worse while birch pollen is around, winter is best season for calm allergies. though they are calmer now, i can eat more thins cooked to hell. i get bad grass hayfever hence i moved almost out the zone was 3 antihistamine a day for 6 month last year, stupid grass.... lol. pollen is meant to be lower here even birch than in the midlands where i was from... time will tell!