Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pre Wedding Celebrations in June 2013

As you see 2013 was pretty busy, we finished 90% of the house renovations, planned and saved for wedding, planned a trip for my UK family and friends to visit before the wedding, sorted a multiple country honeymoon, wrote papers for work, went on business to China and Canada... =)

Here, I will start with the family trip before the wedding. Who came? well many people attended the wedding but we had some honoured guests before and we had the week off work, planned some visits for them, hired a minibus and filled the car.

These are not all the photos just the best ones for me!

 Ishy and me, being grown up as normal

 Nan and Grandad, 80 something and mastering Helsinki

 We are Angels but Charlie didn't want us

 Being old didn't stop them wanting some funky photos

 Dad, post chemo, still as cheeky as ever

 Excited the night before the church service
 Normal shot, Laura, me, Ishy, Lisa O... my bridesmaids <3
 Nan, had to out do grandad's photo

 Who doesn't want to ride Helsinki tortoises? 

 Nice hot in Finnish summer 

 Lyn, Mick, Carole and Grandad... ice creams needed to cool down

 Nan happy with the strawberry and vanilla mix


 This kept him quite for a few minutes!

 Ishy, Pete, Dad and Tom

 Group shot with the "Russian" church in the background, Helsinki

 Wouldn't be a Finnish experience without a boat trip somewhere?

 Carole and her minions

 Father and daughter

 Night before the wedding making favour boxes
 Nan and grandad, wanting photos all the time

 Ishy, me and Eppu, forever friends 

 Registry office
 Registry office
 Meal out with Eppu's dad

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