Thursday, 30 January 2014

Halloween with Eppu and Kate

Well, we love Halloween and this has become the traditional famioly party at our house. Every year I get mom to get some more things for me, from the UK and leave her some cash to get something else for the collection.

After 2013 Halloween, I think from the list she has given dad and her have out done themselves! I can hardly wait for 2014 Halloween!!!

I love this party though, making some fun things, allergy friendly foods (there are a few of us) and some healthy and unhealthy combinations.

I have also been leaving mom cash to get the kids some fancy dress stuff as well, they are all at the age where it is awesome to dress up. This year we decided that we would make them a candy hunt outside with an orienteering map, some torches and a goody bag of candy for when they had finished hunting.

Normally around 16 of us turn up for this, it's also a good time for people to check out the renovations in our house. Good day which continues as long as possible before everyone leaves wondering if we can out do this next year. We can of course!!

Eppu being a big kid loves this celebration, he named all the foods in Finnish and gave them creepy names so the kids would giggle at eating stuff like "witches fingers".

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