Thursday, 30 January 2014

Back to Blogging

So life got so busy that I didn't have the time nor really much interest in blogging. I guess these times happen in life and we just deal with it accordingly and move on.

What has happened in 2013, you ask? Well I will briefly give some catch up blogs to cover 2013!

We joined Finn-Guild and I became a Representative for Tampere and Hämeenlinna areas. This has been much fun this last year and many late nights working out how we can improve the image here and recruit both new members and representatives into our happy British-Finnish family. Slowly, we are making progress and our blood, sweat and tears are bringing us more members and increased happiness in our existing ones. What more could we ask for?

Still this is an on-going practise to improve things for our members, it will take another few years to get everything where we see it, but it is great to have the vision and the support of others who want the same thing as we do.

Renovation work on the house is almost completed, I will add the photos on here of before and after just on another thread for those interested, like my mom!!! Bare with me whilst I update this blog back to it's former glory days!!

I also have a friend on the train called Tarja, who speaks Finnish with me. I love to talk to her as she corrects me (I asked to her to help me, if I am so wrong). I enjoy talking with her even though I don't always see her to talk long with. This week she gave me a Finnish magazine Kodin so I could read something in Finnish. I do enjoy talking with normal people as it does give me the challenge of there are still many words I don't understand and I can't predict what they will say so I can't prepare answers beforehand, this process is painful, slow and frustrating but every step forward is one I will gladly take!

Work is something that I still adore, now I get work from home 2 days a week so I am happy that every day I don't have to drag my sorry bum from bed at 5am, bad luck for Eppu that he does. The only bonus is he has the car and doesn't need public transport just "wifey's taxi".

Know that I am now alive and getting back into blogging. Part of me is annoyed I stopped but it won't take me long to catch up on what has been missed.

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