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Wedding 29th June 2013

I don't think many words are required for this day, the pictures speak much more than I ever could. We got married in Tampereen Tuomiokirkko, or the Tampere's cathedral. We had the party in Finlayson Palace.

I made a lot of things for this wedding by myself, we also ordered a lot of things from China like the dress which was a one off design, after paying tax it was still thousands cheaper than buying in the UK or Finland.

I made brooch bouquets as well for keepsakes for us all. They were hard to make and took a very long time, sore fingers many nights but they were worth all the time, so unique and a little retro but picked just because I love brooches!

 The brooches

One off button holes

Main table flowerd

 Vases we bought, special gel balls and some floating candles we got

 Different style of wedding band to the British kind

 Welcome, Eila and Graham

 Ian formally know as "Harris", Eppu, me, Lisa

 Jouko, Kirsti and Hanna

 Chruch readings

 haha I made dad dance! Don't think he did at his own wedding!

 Beautiful Ishy and her speach later on

 Mick, Eppu, me, Carole

 Two of my good friends from Jyväskylä, Rasa and Alexandra 


 Artsy me lent some antic frames for us

 Jarmo, me, Eppu

Vesa, Annukka, Eppu, me, Niina, Jussi

 Pasi, Eppu, me, Milo

 Joni and Elisa

 Lyn and Tom
 Heikki and Eppu

 Graham and Eila, friends from Jyväskylä

 Pekka, Katri and the kids


 Iiro and Inkeri

My work mates from Espoo, Nusrat, Tingting and Aira <3

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