Thursday, 30 January 2014

Love living so close to nature

Seriously, this is something I absolutely love. I have always lived in big towns in the UK, though we always spent free time, weekends and holidays in Somerset, where I got to be a free range kid and where I got my love of the environment and ecology.

So here is 2013, in our back garden!!!

Squidgy in autumn

Woody. Super cute but also likes to peck on our metal guttering when fat balls aren't around.

This is fluffy

Cats seem to know who likes cats. There are 3 at least I see here daily. PS that's just 7 days grass growth as well.

Just a mobile photo. Squidgy has learnt when he runs out of food he can just squeak at the windows, normally whichever one I am in

 Snoppy the cat, loves our bird feeder

 Squidgy squirrels

 Racoon dog (also a fan of hedgehog food)

 Great snow fall of 2013

" Nopea" the speedy hedgehog (we have special food for hedgehogs for them)

 Always begging for food

 All three of them declaring war, 4 food piles is not enough for 3 squirrels

 How could I not feed this cute face?

 Eurasian Jays, shy but here alot. With "ice" of winter polar bear light

Snoopy was here -17C wonder if it's owner knows cats get hypothermia as well?

Since relighting my interest in photography I have decided to now dig out my SLR camera to take some better quality photos =)

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