Thursday, 30 January 2014

Mom and Dad's May and Autumn Visit

Both mom and dad's lone visits were pretty relaxed this year. We got mom her birthday cake when they came in May at my work, a surprise. Then when dad came for the wedding week and we went to my work for food with the wedding party we once more ordered dad a cake he didn't know. We also as an additional surprise ordered my grandad a birthday as well and took that back to Tampere with us.

Mom loves to visit Cafe Laurell, lovely little cafe if you visit Hämeenlinna ever, I recommend you visit there. You will not regret it and it does take away savories and cakes. I also have a fond memory though I think it was their May visit where we went to the market in Hämeenlinna center and we bought some stuff where I got to order weird stuff in Finnish. They were pruod, we got what we wanted, everyone was happy!!

 Everytime mom and dad visit they ask to go to this cafe, live music, lovely cakes and food and not too badly priced.

this was my trip to UK in 2013

 Mom's girly birthday cake

 Mom likes cakes incase you haven't noticed already
 She has that same cake this isn't the same visit as the other photo

Hämeenlinna castle. Dad loves castles so we thought we would take them

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