Thursday, 30 January 2014

Canada Business Trip September 2013

Business trip. September 2013. Clean Energy Conference.

Photos from our 22km walk

Canada was a place I loved as soon as we goto Ottawa. It looked pretty similar to Finland, forests, lakes, bogs, green, you get the image.

Aira and me also found an awesome petshop and I got Ebby some proper grooming things that mom couldn't find in the UK. I also got them a few catnip toys. 

Ottawa is a tiny city which only really contains parliament buildings, it is not somewhere I would revisit but the size of Canada there is no need to go to the same place twice!!! We walked around it in one day, most of the city viewing was over in a few hours.

Being in Canada was weird as it's like the UK where people want to talk to talk to you while you shop. The hotel we stayed in was also a old people's home and that was far too weird, won't be staying in that chair again!

Conference went as well as they can go! It was a good few days. We tried eating local pizza but it was too garlicy. The food at the conference wasn't allergy friendly so I spent the time buying cheese and eating the junk food I took with me. Thoroughly, loved the time there though!! 

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