Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Dynamics of Language Learning: Spaces and Places - Intentions and Opportunities

I ordered my poster long ago early May, it didn't arrive on time, still haven't got it. Eero to the rescue while he was coming to fetch me from the airport he stopped off and had my poster printed on page that I could cut out and stick together to make a poster. So that's what I had to do, all my business bard handouts arrived in time too and I put those out with my make shift poster.

First night, there was a big meal. Jenni, Jenny, Annika, Marlen and myself sat and talked all night, nothing new there. Jenni won an Ipod nano for the achievement award!

Annika, Jenni, Marlen

Jenni and the ipod!

The second night after another whole day of conference was the city's turn to host an event in Keski Suomi Musueo, was a lovely night, hot, no one I knew went so I socialised alone and had a really good night, I talk to much but it was very interesting and gave me much more motivation for learning my Finnish and ways to present my works in presentations when the audience is not native English speakers.

This week is heatwave week, 26-30C and of course everywhere by bike, it's so hilly here and the 4km back home is always uphill!

Wednesday, today was our presentation day, which was fun, after the 150 people presentation, I find nothing puts me off now. Tonight, there was a cruise but it was too hot to bother with so I came home instead!

My poster and handouts

Thursday is the last day of the conference so it is busy and thankfully, only until 2pm!

I will upload a few more photos later when I get chance to put them on the computer

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