Friday, 1 July 2011

Laura's Thrid Stay in Finland

Her first which was my first also been in Mikkeli 2008, then stayed in Tampere with us in 2009, and then again in Jyväskylä from the 10th to the 18th June 2011.

It was a weird week, weather wise. It started with the heatwave 30C+ then it rained, then scattered showers for the rest of the week but so far north, we can't really complain and it was the first week of rainy weather since the snow melted!

We had no car most of the time as Eero had to go to work in Tampere. Saturday, it was so hot so we went and found a beach after we had a drink and a ice cream at some old mansion cafe!

We went walking a lot, my favourite pass time after my bike, which almost killed Laura lol, at least shes now into her need to get fit stage! We went to the Natural History Museum, which was awesome! Went to the top of the näkötorni to look at the city while the sun was out! and to point out where we lived, where we were going and a general "yep, we are walking quite far". We then went to Tuomiojärvi (LAKE OF DOOM!!!)

Two of the nights the lunar eclipse was due, so each night we went a walk to Myllyjärvi (the sunsets that side of the hill) to see the sun go down and try and catch a glimpse of the red moon. The first night we saw Dennis and Iris!! but no red moon, the second night we called it quits at 11.45pm and the moon was seen red at 12.15am! bah! but it does come again the 10th December when we just have 4/5 hours of light so I will see it then mwhahaha!!

We went a car ride with Eero, Jenny and Laura, just a random drive around during the thunderstorm!

Then on the 18th we took Laura back to the airport and came home!

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