Sunday, 31 July 2011

Summer's Frustration

It has gone so quickly this summer! I honestly have no clue to where it has gone! Like every season it has had it's ups and downs!

Summer started well, I was exercising almost 2 hours a day, then mom and dad came and I stopped and put weight back on! Now I'm frustrated that all my hard work was wasted. I suppose it's frustrating when I have to exercise a lot to keep weight off from eating as normally as my allergies allow... but I am tolerating these new vitamin tablets quite well, soon I am up to taking one a day!

I am really back into cooking and baking but my allergies make it stupidly complicated as I can't have potato, tomato or vegetable oil at all, every small amounts make me react so trying to be creative around this is a pain. Nice sauces always contain something I can't have and can't replace with the same affect. I make sweet potato chips, quiches, pies, fish things, meatballs, loads of things but baking is by far my favourite. Even though I am very restricted with fruit and vegs my baking's reputation is beating me and people are asking why I don't open a market stand as it's allergy friendly and low sugar... really this is tempting and I may look into it when I go back to Tampere but it all depends on what kind of job hunting I am doing.

Finnish blueberry pie, made with wild blueberries we picked =)

I now have my new camera and I am getting back into photography. I need to research how I can sell some of my photo's to companies, such as the ones who make canvases from them as I have some beautiful photo's. Alas it's about time and priorities! I have no time and bigger fish to fry!

I really can't wait to move back to Tampere and I found out today one of my friend's is seriously considering changing job locations and moving there too! There is still so much awesome stuff planned for the next 2 years and I REALLY want to tell everyone but I promised Eero I wouldn't... so I haven't! but I could burst!! lol

It has been good overall, but the last few weeks have been hard, just had the "you are foreign" thing again. I guess I am just frustrated with how much effort I put into learning Finnish and the little I get back from it. But I am happy knowing all the work I submitted is my own and not everyone can say that! Mistakes are my own! Eero noticed my stress and has come to the rescue, he is trying to help me but sometimes he gets distracted by playing his games and doing his own stuff so he doesn't get time to help. I know he needs his own time but still I get stressed out not learning enough quickly enough! speaking is so hard for me but I am trying it as often as possible now!

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