Tuesday, 2 August 2011

School Stress RARRRRHHH!!

It's THAT time of year and the Finnish system makes you plan the entire two years as soon as you start which is good but doesn't allow for lecturers altering class times, some courses not being repeated, clashes, then of course for people like me, who are staying in Finland permanently the option to study Finnish which is always seen as ADDITIONAL and so it doesn't matter to my school how many of my normal lectures clash.

Ylistörinne Campus, JYK

Of course to me, it matter's this degree has little use here to me without the Finnish as the industries I wish to work in all require Finnish or Swedish language and are not necessarily "English" speaking companies.

It took a day to sort my timetable as first there was a technical problem I reported, which I had to wait to get fixed before I could plan it out, then I write it all on paper to see the problems, then when it's sorted and I have decided which clashes to avoid and which classes are the most important. I put it all in my diary and colour coded everything for the entire year.

I have two very busy semester's as my Finnish studies don't actually count toward my degree, they are additional studies for my own benefit and interest but I am still taking as many courses as possible. Suomi 4, grammar course 2, speaking and writing course. I doubt I will take Suomi 5 as there are two many lecture clashes with it. But I am taking classes in the evening, twice a week until March 2012 with a course that is in the city.

I have 2 study days in this next Semester and I need to research for my thesis during this time, time is going to be tight and my social private life won't exist. But when I graduate May, it will all be worth the struggle!

Summer school starts for me Thursday with my tutor meeting, I get to go to all the events free and I have to go to most of them. Unfortunately, I'm not going Sunday as I am going to Tampere then down to Espoo the afternoon to a party and back to JYK in the evening. The final party I also can't attend as I have to go enroll on these new Finnish courses.

Most days, especially for the first 6 weeks classes start 8am and I am there until 6pm... then two days I have evening classes 5-6.40pm and 7-8.40pm.... not to mention the homework I have to do too. Alas, no pain, no gain.

I am also helping out as a class room assistant for one course in this next semester and need to get all the preparation for that course sorted out, I have a presentation and a report to do for that.

I also have one course in limbo as they are not sure they have funding for it yet! =( I hope they do, it look's awesome!

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