Wednesday, 3 August 2011

365 days in Jyväskylä, 599 days living in Finland

Well, August is here! It means from today I have been learning Finnish for a year! and progress is good but I still wish it was faster! slow and steady win the race, I suppose!

I just can't believe I have lived here in JYK for a year and tomorrow is 600 days in Finland!!!

Today, we went on a celebratory walk to Oravivuori, we walked upto the tower, then back down to a view point by the lake then back up and down to get to the carpark! Had a great time and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. I had a bad headache this afternoon seems I haven't eaten enough for the exercise I am now doing... ??? who knows or maybe it's just a random headache... time will tell! I was all annoyed as I wanted to go on a bike ride but my head says that is a bad idea! so just do my workout dvd later and call it quits for today!

Oravivuori, from Tower

Oravivuori, the tower

View point by the lake

I also got all annoyed this morning as I finally got around to cutting and turning up my trousers, I was annoyed that I threw the other pair out and wished I hadn't now, alas I have more than enough pairs of jeans to mourn the death of a pair of trousers.

Mom sent me my birthday present, 2 months early, 8 pairs of earrings! so I am wearing them now as she said I could and tomorrow I am going to try and get my ear pierced as one hole has healed on one ear but not on the other... typical behaviour for my ear!!! I have a tutor meeting for summer school tomorrow morning then I will go meet Jenny for lunch. Then go to city and see how much ear piercing will set me back! Maybe I can make E buy it me for my birthday haha! =P or not!

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