Sunday, 14 August 2011

Piercings, Summer School, cooking, languages and meh

The 4th August, I decided that after 6 years of procrastinating, I would just go and get my tragus pierced. So, off we went into the city to the tattooist (underground) and went into the shop to find the piercer wasn't around for 2 hours. Disheartened and not wanting to spend two hours killing time in Jyväskylä city center we rode home. Friday, I decided to try again before I could think of a better way to spend 20€, which Eero ended up buying me the piercing as a birthday present... I couldn't think of anything else after buying all the things I needed for school last week!

They advise different things these days to what they did with all my other piercings. Alot of people have trouble with tragus piercings and they get infected really quickly. I washed with advised water for 3 days until I felt it getting sore then switched to good old fashioned salt water and it has been perfect since. I didn't think logical though for once, normally I plan all tattoos and piercings I have ever had, first practicality then looks. Alas, I missed the former with choosing the ear and now I can't lie on my favourite sleeping side! It is funny too, I always wear my headphones and I can't wear anything in that ear at the moment, infection risk and I have a banana bar in so it would fit =( it's not so bad though! 6 weeks time, I have ear phones again, well or 3 if it keeps healing as quickly as it is now, I can get a labret put in it!

First week of summer school was a long and hard week, 4 days of quantum physics and 1 days organic chemistry... o.0 heehee Good job I love physics!!! It was enjoyable, now I just have to do the assignments and hand them in! I felt really ill on the Friday lunchtime and had to go home, dizzy, sick, headache. I was so dizzy I actually lost my balance while I was just starting off on my bike, somehow I didn't break my neck and regained control and balance but rode carefully home, glad to be wearing my helmet.

Tuesday, was opening ceremony at Aalto museum, being a tutor I had to go there but I am glad I did, alcohol was free and food, none of it for me just my water. I hung out with Mathias, Oscar and Henrik, phD students from Turku mostly physics phD's. My face hurt we laughed that much. I biked home just before ten, worked out and showered.

After, feeling ill Friday, Saturday my legs didn't feel like they were going to hold me standing but I spent the day baking so as I would have a bit more free time next week for Summer school, or try to as I have 4 nights of activities next week, all in Kortepohja which is a 15km from our house, plus the 5km to school and back, then knowing I'm out of the house 8.30am to almost 10pm! Bad thing, this next week is examined too so I need to find time for that so I will be working too on my tutoring activities! Also annoying how dry it's been in summer and we have a field trip Tuesday and it's forecast heavy rain all week *grumble*.

Anyway yesterday was useful for baking after starting to tolerate egg again and made 3 quiches (2 to freeze), scotch pancakes (Eero has summer cold and loves pancakes), and some vegetarian Cornish pasties with garlic, onion, sweetcorn and sweet potatoes. I spent 6 hours cooking but time will be saved next week and it's more efficient for energy to use the oven while it is hot and I only cook what I need! =)Next week I can make some jam, juice and ice cream then that's done for a while!

Cornish pasties, not pretty as I have long nails and can't make the top part properly

Parma ham, sweet corn, onion and garlic quiche. Eero ate half of one in 10 minutes. So they are back by popular demand!

Last night, there were meant to be a lot of shooting stars, alas the moon was full and very bright so we could not see anything but I took a few pictures

Playing with lights and moon light

Camera didn't want to play last night so photo is not great quality!

I have had a revolution and have been texting Eero in Finnish a lot to practise and reading my notes as much as I can, not as much as I would like but I have been working on my Finnish studies. I also decided to start learning Swedish, German and Russian which I started today just looking at German and Swedish. It's not so bad and they seem easier already, maybe as they are related to English! Russian I am leaving until I have a hold on Swedish and German. Every job I have seen has been Finnish plus English "with any other language as a bonus", so I thought, why not? I can do this!!! Figure after learning a few the world is my oyster!

Today, I was meant to go to Tampere for the litter pick and was ill with a stupid cold and bug, I'm not hot anymore but my legs still feel like they won't hold me! So, I am using the rest of the day to read my Finnish and plan the next week in my head!

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