Thursday, 25 August 2011

Weight, what's going on?

Well, when mom and dad came, I ate all the wrong things for 3 weeks. That alone is not so bad, 3 weeks a year too eat a little more unhealthy isn't bad as I always behave over Christmas. So, as I posted earlier, I learnt how to make damn good flapjacks, they quickly learnt how to make my weight increase... alas I put 4.5kg on when they got here.

Funny, I thought, "OH. This should come off again when they have gone as I won't be eating junk and I will be exercising normally". Silly me. Start of August, I started a new fitness regime which I am actually loving, couldn't do the dvd part of it for 2 weeks with summer school but I did bike a lot and was on the go so that's ok as I didn't veg out the entire time.

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Here, is where my body goes into a world of its own... I don't eat sugar anymore really, 8g a day in the 3 oat cookies I take with me, to give me a bit of concentration when I'm at school... that's not much. Rest of my diet I can't touch with my allergies, I can eat a lot of fruit or eat a salad so I am screwed there. I have a few more alterations I need to experiment with when I get back from Aalto but I don't want to risk making myself ill before then. I rode 76km in the week (50miles) and did 2.5 hours of my dvd... weight loss nothing.... my body is so stupid! lol

This week, I'm not doing the bike so much as I have started a new high impact aerobics dvd, which ached my legs until today and I don't want to pull a muscle! Tomorrow, I am going to start running, should be fine to run by the lake all winter as it's the only part of JYU that is "flat"!

I want to get to 61kg or around there, currently I'm 70kg. I was 65kg for most of the summer so this shouldn't be impossible =) No rush, directly. In 2 months, I will reassess and see where to go from there! My BMI is now 23, I am aiming for 20. I got to 21 before =)

My dad lost 4kg while he was here... lol and mom didn't change or Eero!

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