Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Best Summer School in the World, quite possibly!

Last week, was the long awaited Biogas Technology for Sustainable Second Generation Biofuel Production course, it was the most exciting course for me or all the three weeks! It didn't disappoint. It was the week for my main tutoring too and was scheduled to be a big group.

Our group, plus lecturers

Introductions went well, then the evening was our group induction social even, sauna and barbeque. One reason or another I biked to Kortepohja and waited for the students to show them the way. Few people turned up but the night was yet young. Strangely only 6 students turned up but most lecturers turned up. The night was very good we got to know the lecturers very well, always a useful thing just before thesis writing and designs. I show Michael back to the hotel on the bikes, turned out his wife was Finnish but she wanted to like in the UK, I can't imagine why but I suppose it wasn't as bad then!

During the day courses were lively and interesting, I finally have a stable direction for my thesis and maybe a slight turn on my degree after discovering another program at school but we will see! nothing to report on that yet! Day two, we have a field trip to Kalmari's farm.. to see a working small scale biogas plant.

I also planned the unofficial leaving party for Friday night, and took Jenny along to help me set and chill out!! It was a good party, Eero dropped us off by car, and then came back to walk us home later. =)

I had to miss the official leaving party on Thursday to go enroll on some additional paid Finnish courses in the city. Thanks to googlemap we ended up at the wrong school but wasn't far way! We found 2 women teachers at the other school and I asked them directions in Finnish and they took us in the car (was great as it was raining heavy), I asked a woman by the park and she didn't know where the place was. Anyway, the kind ladies dropped us off and after saying our 100th thank you, we went inside to enroll... omg, you have never seen so many people in your life for limited spaces, most people seemed interested in the Finnish courses. They told us, there was a wait on letting us know and it would be next week! It has been the longest week of my life as I can't take suomi 4 from university until at least Janaury, as I had too many clashes.

I also changed my thesis and now have 30ECTS and 22ECT's to take in Spring 2012 so I am not pushing to graduate until September 2012, but that's fine! Just need the summer to write up my thesis, then I can start applying for work!

Last week, I also started to learn Swedish which is going well, quicker than learning Finnish =)

Next Tuesday, is 4am get up to get down to Helsinki then Espoo for my last summer school, 4 long days but all expenses paid!!!

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