Tuesday, 2 August 2011

School Destress *deep breathing*

Well, I'm not sure what's up with me this month. I have taken to being really hard upon myself and somehow set some unachievable things to do, which I didn't do then got angry with myself because I didn't do what I knew I wouldn't be able too.

Silly things too, like keeping my hour and half daily exercise to destress with mom and dad here, there was no time for this and luxury food resulted in weight gain, both I knew would happen but I was still angry I let it happen. And it isn't like I put a lot of weight on, it's coming off again now I'm eating normally and exercising again. Sometimes, I just move the frustration of not learning Finnish as quickly as I would like to other areas, unfortunately sometimes it snowballs there... but as the old saying goes "one snowflake never feels responsible for the avalanche".

Then mom and dad left us some money for staying! I got mom a new Halti coat and she got me my new blue coat! When they left, Eero and me went to look for my new coat, rubber boots and a school bag.

Rubber boots were torture, the two pairs I loved didn't fit, one size two small, other size so big my foot came out the boot when walking... then I ended up having to get the same boots as a friend as it was the only damn pair that fit in the shop... o.0

I loved my bag from last year but it just isn't very practical so many zip separation areas in it the inside is quite small which is no good for the long days I have next year and the food and drink I need to carry to eat at school. New bag cost me 50€!!!! then we came home and I put all my badges and brooches on it so it's shiny and I'm happy.

Eero, has seen my stress with Finnish and has actually stepped up, seems he can actually see how stressful it can be being foreign sometimes when some people won't use English even when they see you ran out of sensible Finnish lol. He is also very pro me taking these extra Finnish courses with the other school and as many as possible with my school. Hopefully, there will just be one more advanced course to do back in Tampere but that all depends on cost.

Saturday, was my granddad's birthday. We got him a £65 bottle of whiskey and a card. Sending them a photo card of mom and dad's time in Finland. Nan is still really ill awaiting her hip replacement which is being prosponed due to anemia! One the plus side, dad and granddad's cancer's are stable.

Also Sunday, we went berry picking with Jenny, we found an awesome spot at the last minute and ended up with almost 5kg of blueberries and some raspberries. Great day!!! Later, I made some Finnish blueberry pie... yummy.

Also I got into zumba tone up dvd's before mom and dad and was doing them daily, they did nothing for me. Last night I tried some of my new dvds I put away when I got zumba and this morning I ache like a B*?!*?! so I have 5 of those dvds to rotate through during the week, and I am one of these weird people. I LOVE DOING THE DVDS!!!

Biking with Eero again, he is so much fitter than me though but it's good fun and we don't stop so its a good workout. He has found me some good 8km routes I can do in 35mins during the week when I am pushed for time as some days I will be. I am hoping that I will have time for my workouts everyday and I am very motivated again which will only increase when results are starting to be noticed =)

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