Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Katri and Pekka's wedding ( 20 helmikuu 2010)

The excitement of a wedding! Even more so when it's in a new country with new customs and a different language. The day itself was cold, minus 20C but i still wore a dress and didn't freeze to death. It was a great day a lovely ceremony, different to British ones but better as you didn't have to sing! hehe. Churches here are much prettier than ones back home to. Then food, speeches and dancing... and alcohol for everyone else!

A great day to remember! Also we got to see Johanna and Jarmo too! I also made friends with Otto that day! =D Eero still continues teaching me dances for Johanna and Jarmo's wedding in July 2010.

We then went on a celebratory cruise to Stockholm!

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