Monday, 29 March 2010

Last weekend in March

Last week went quickly but weeks blur into months here so quickly. Summertime has begun now as the clock went forward Saturday. Spring is starting but it did snow again last night (part of spring here snow melt, ice, melts, snows, melts...) temperature is at least above zero now!

Weekend was great, busy Saturday and a chilled out Sunday. Saturday was a very productive day,I ran out of space is my CV/qualifications folder so Eero brought me a new expensive one! Now all my certificates are displayed properly in a beautiful display hardback book!

We went to kauppatori (indoor market) and brought some wild salmon as my chemical/food colourings allergies hate the colours feed to farmed fish. It didn't cost as much as I thought it would. Poached it in the oven in foil and water.... mmmm and the best thing not allergic reaction so it's a winner all around. Also found loumu cow's cheese in city market and dammenburg chocolate, from mmmmmm expensive but worth every cent!

Eero's other good deed was to buy Nokia 5530 music series even got the black/red one I wanted. Thanks to symbian technology it has a talking dictionary. I spent the saturday afternoon quiet playing with my phone, language is in Finnish by choice. The instructions are in Finnish too lol. I'm still playing with it and will be for sometime!

It has been a lovely weekend, had a few nice long walks, from which I have managed to get a huge bruise on the bottom on my foot.... who knows how!!!

Poets of the Fall concert on Thursday, OMG OMG!!!! I'm sooooooo excited!!!

There doesn't appear to be any suitable language courses over the summer either, to expensive or not the right course material. Time to go study some Finnish now!

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