Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Ylläkselle! (6-13 maaliskuu 2010)

The yearly trip to Lapland! I love this trip as there is always enough sow to make you feel like a little kid again! Mind you, Eero and myself act like little kids given then chance but life is good and fun! This was our (as a couple) second trip to Ylläs. Frist time was December 2008 and there was only 3 hours of daylight. This time there was as much daylight as darkness which was a nice change.

I broke my toe January which hindered my learning to cross country ski before Ylläs. IT is the most funny thing you can ever do here, learn to ski as an adult. A 6 year old boy shot past me at one point looking confused to why the grown up was going so slowly. Humorous though, Eero and the Finns are lucky they get taught this stuff as soon as they can stand up! It's not as easy as it looks but what is?!?! I think I mostly took my learning in good spirits and I seemed to get a backward technique.... I fell over going up hill and not downhill. But I didn't give up and I still have a lot to learn before I'm anywhere near to compete with Mr Suominen.... I'm very trying though!!

I also managed to read the final book in the Twlight saga... was ok but I think that Twlight was the best book. The other's are all a bit predictable.

We stayed in an apartment this time was nice for a change but it had no oven so it made life quite difficult and we kept visiting Jouko's cabin to steal the oven =D

Next time we visit Lapland I think that we will visit somewhere different as most of the other have skiied most of the routes in Ylläs now.

We got to visit Kemi snow castle and ice hotel on the drive home. €8 each but it was a nice place to go visit. Minus 5C inside at all times in the hotel, now that would give you cold bits!

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