Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Evil bug

Ok, so there is never a good time to be ill. Even though I can't remember the last time I had a tummy bug so bad that I couldn't eat or drink much for two days. At least today, day 3 I am starting to be able to eat a little.

The most annoying part is my course started full time this week and here I am ill in Tampere, alas these things can't be helped I know that but it is still frustrating when illness alters plans. So tonight hopefully I can return to Jyväskylä and walk 3km home and go to school tomorrow... if I can eat more and regain some energy.

I do feel more alert in my mind today but my body doesn't agree, I have no strength at all and my legs feel like jelly. I know that's its all from being so ill and not being able to eat... I am just glad I seem to be improving. Hopefully the few hours before my train is due to leave I will regain some strength or I could be forced into staying here another day which is not what I want to do!

Eero has been a god send to me this weekend while I have been ill. I started to feel ill Friday but thought it was down to eating so much food... Saturday evening I knew something "bad" was coming but assumed it was an allergy I had annoyed with mass consumption of goji and blueberries... but when the sickness started and illness carried on for two days we knew it was a bug. E has been great he has looked after me and cooked for me, even when I couldn't eat what he could or drink the water he brought. He even stayed up with me most of Sunday night and went to work very tired on Monday.

I hope I don't see another bug like that for a good few years and that Eero doesn't catch it =)

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