Friday, 3 September 2010

Orientation/ Induction Days

Image above is the campus my studies are based on

Ah, orientation the time of the year we love or hate as new students. I'm on the garden fence this year a lot of what we got told as yet I knew from being here so long or we found out from summer school but it has still been a very good few days.

The view from the physic's building cafe is out of this world, looks from the top of the hill over the lake and trees! so pretty!

The timetable itself for induction has been crazy 9am until 4pm daily on Thursday and Friday but note by the time I am blogging I didn't stay all day today... I hit a brick wall trying to concentrate so came home to read and chill out. Monday is the last day of induction and I will finally find out what subjects I can take and which are optional... though I have signed up for a few! =) I am looking forward to that meeting on Monday afternoon and it will be the first meeting of my fellow degree students (I don't think there are many of us). The current orientation days we are grouped together as "international students" so most of us from Suomi 1 just hang out lol.

Today was the official start day for the new Finns too so there was a fair on... Britta and myself checked it out got some pens, badges, bag, calendar, our student cards... Britta got to eat the candy, doughnut and could of had a coffee (the joys of allergies meant I had to go without but had some dark chocolate in my bag *nom noom*). The weather today is horrible wind, rain and it is cold.

Today's lectures were mostly enjoyable though I need to register myself to see if I can get an internship (seems like fun, I know I am sad). We also found out about all the Erasmus trips to Lapland, Åland and Russia... The latter being my only interesting one. However, I don't want to go to Russia in Autumn I would like to go next Spring/Summer and it costs €450 for week... so that's my luxury item for next year I think... who knows as mom wants to go so I may wait for their visit and take them with me.

Eero is coming to visit tonight and we are going to meet my friends in city tomorrow! so sooooooo exciting. I am also riding my bike everywhere now, I still dislike the huge hill we live on and can often be seen pushing the bike up it heehee. I also may get gym membership if the university gym is on the main campus and not Kortepohja which is like 4.3km away from where we live!

I have also started my exploring bug and keep going up different streets and places looking for things of interest of apartments we could live in... I found some really cool houses but nothing that would be for rent!! I also found a really pretty waterfall by accident so I hope it is not raining tomorrow so I can take some photos around the place. Didn't take any in summer as I have so many summer photos and none of Autumn.

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