Friday, 20 May 2011

Exams OVER!!!

So, the hard work now pays off! I have a few months before exam season revisits! Also, I am hugely excited about this conference now! but sad that my poster and alternative style handouts which are business cards won't arrive while I am still in Finland... but that doesn't make me sad about going to the UK!!!!

I have spent an hour today, checking my blog for errors for the conference, not this blog! updating certain pages, updating the background, adding a handout page, and my poster on a small pdf version!! maybe it was a bad idea to do something that excites me within 24 hours of something else hugely exciting happening... oh well! we will see if I sleep tonight!

Two of the cats are sick, after one dying while I was away and no allergy to cats I will stick to them like glue... So long blogger for 2 weeks!!! or maybe one if I get time to blog while I am away!

Tomorrow, I fly out... yay!!!!! There is so much planned it's going to be near impossible to fit it all in but I shall die trying!!!

Exams today were ok! I was comforted by my original thought of "they could be a lot worse at least I can think of some answers"... so now I must wait to see if the grades agree! they normally do!

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