Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hauskaa Vappua!

For Vappu, we went into city, checked out the amusements and then walked into city to see the stalls and other activities. It was quite warm when we left home but by the time we left the amusement park it had gone cold!

We had the new camera so we were playing with that on the way to everywhere! random photos of everything! Then we came home and the party continued, good food and drink! I got apple juice so I'm not complaining!

Sunday, Eero changed my bike saddle as the other one was painful after a few kilometers! Weather wise it has been a cold week but it is warming up again now!

Tuesday, I went to the dentist to have the first 2 wisdom teeth out. It was under local anesthetic, no swelling to my face though and no where near as painful as I thought it would be. Also the only painkiller I can take is paracetamol so I expected more pain than most people. Drinking was impossible, the first day. IT was painful to drink but the top one bleed for around 40 hours, everything I drank it restarted the bleeding. I bit down on cotton for 5 hours and had different ice packs on my face but nothing stopped it!

Wednesday, was better. Drinking wasn't painful just a little uncomfortable. I managed to eat yoghurt then Eero made me some sweet potato and goat's cheese soup. I ate as much as I could but small portions made me feel a little nauseous.

Eero has been a god send the last few days and has done everything. Even silly things like going to shop to get more cotton as it bleed so long we ran out, getting more milk as I drank loads of it, trying to understand my muttering for the days I couldn't speak properly. Lots of random little things, he did without moaning, I would of probably moaned hehe!

I sorted everyone paying into Mom's birthday presents to get her want she had been going on out but hadn't brought herself. So we all chipped in, got her an ace camcorder with loads of accessories and a huge memory card. For some annoying reason, even taking into account the two days bank holiday of UK, the presents still haven't been received on her birthday so I'm a little annoyed that all that effort planning and forward thinking and there's nothing to show for it!

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