Saturday, 14 May 2011

Teeth, sun and explore!

So, the wisdom teeth removal wasn't so bad. It bled for almost 2 days (it was meant to stop before 24 hours but what can you do?!?!?). I couldn't talk properly until the stitches were taken out. The stitch removal was the worst part of the procedure but a few hours later the irratated nerves had calmed down and it was improving.

Eero took me for a drive the first weekend after my teeth removal, as I wasn't allowed to do any kind impact exercise. So we went for a drive in the woods by lakes, it was beautiful, we even took a little walk. Day dreaming about what houses we would like to have and how many ponies I'm getting!!

Monday, was a horrible day, it was a seminar presentation 10-4pm with no more than 25min break all day. I couldn't speak befor much without pain to practice my presentation. Nor could I take anything to eat, so I just drank apple juice all day!

Wednesday, I had my stitches removed then walked home. It was such a hot day, just at shirt and cropped trousers. In the evening I biked back to school for the prep meeting for the conference in June. I had almost finished my poster and started my handouts and no one else had started.

Rest of the week was studying for my finals next week. Friday, I ordered some networking cards for the conference as upto 400 people can attend. So, I now have 300 handouts. It is the biggest linguistics conference in Europe. The poster and handout are now finished and I will be sending them to print tomorrow. We also brought a grill so we can barbeque more often, yummy! I have some expensive normal networking cards all ready (they are awesome).

Saturday, was a lovely day we went to kanavuori (Chicken mountain) and went in the nature trail, beautiful day, warm but there was a breeze that kept the mosquitoes away. We saw 2 different kinds of woodpecker but no moose or bears, though we did see moose poo. We will be vising there again in the not so distant future!!! This morning, I baked apple, blueberry and cinnamon cake so we ate that when we got home. We also went shopping on the way home to buy the normal going home gifts. Then we had a barbeque!

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