Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Friday 19th Weekend

A strange weekend... the train ride was crazy as I was on the intercity in a small part that holds only 10 people and there were a group of 4 teenagers getting ready to go to party. They were all happy and doing each others hair and make up until we got to Tampere and one had a phone call. Someone close died suddenly... she was obviously hysterical and I couldn't make much more out but still somehow felt sorry for her.

Eero picked me up after we went hunting for fish in the city.  Then we went to citymarket to pick up a new batch of allergy  experiments. Not going to badly so that's something! We planned on not being busy this weekend as the previous 4 weekends had been silly moving, getting ready to move, sorting things and visiting people. We needed a day off. So Saturday we had one, day in with Jack Bauer, quick visit to the shop to cure my boredom at being stuck inside. Cook, more 24, sleep. Aaaah. Relaxing.

Sunday, we went to äiti's for coffee and to see Vesa, Hanna, Miia and the kids. I think it is quite entertaining how I am happy talking to the kids in Finnish but more paranoid with adults. Valteri was happily telling Kaisa how they could teach me some Finnish. Then we left around 5pm, I decided I should eat again before getting the train so that meant I was getting the 8pm train. Train was delayed 20mins and I had to run across city to get a bus (rare luxury but the side roads were slippery with ice so I didn't want to walk).

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