Monday, 29 November 2010

Jyväskylä from Tampere

School as normal in last week.  Then  left for Tampere Thursday afternoon after the final meeting for our Renewable Energy Presentation. It was a cold day minus 14C and windy, I was glad to get to the train as the windy was making my legs cold!

The train ride was pleasant an old lady kept smiling at me, even more so when mom called and she realised I was foreign. I had a lovely train ride home, sunny and the lakes south of Jyväskylä weren't snow covered and we black and frozen like mirrors. Pretty but I couldn't get any photos of them.  I arrived back in Tampere at 4pm where Eero was waiting in the car park.  The one exit door was locked so I waited a minute to let people in from the cold. In the meantime, Eero had got out of the car, looking at me all confused. He thought I was stuck or hadn't seen him. Sometimes his impatience is so cute!

Then we drove to citymarket got some food and went to Hervanta for the last time! Friday I did the normal chores, then went to the shop to get Eero some treats for the drive and me some water.

Then we went into city on Friday to get the van and walked across the city to get the van. After getting the van we drove back and started packing. 2 hours later and when Jouko had dropped the trailer off we left at 8pm for Jyväskylä.  We finished unloading a 11.30pm, ate, showered and slept.

Up early on Saturday, ate breakfast and left for Tampere in what we hoped for the last time. We got there about lunch time and it took until 6.30pm to pack up, load up and clean the apartment out.  Saying bye to the apartment was kind of sad.

Eero was particularly chatty both trips and is very excited about the new move. Even when I was saying we have all this again when we move back in two years! He left on Sunday evening as he still has to work in Tampere every day in December but next weekend is a long weekend as it is Independence Day

I unpacked another 15 boxes after Eero left, the mess is annoying. Hopefully most of it will be sorted by the time he gets back on Friday. Then  I had 15minutes to prep for my Finnish speaking exam... 5 minutes into it, I gave up was too tired. So went to bed.

Today I woke up early as normal but we didn't set up the thermometer so I texted Eero as it was too cloudy to see the Prisma weather sign. He texted backs saying it was minus 21C outside. He made me laugh saying "wear everything you have so you don't get cold". Of course, I didn't wear everything just one more layer than normal. I was too hot when I got to school and decided not to wear my ski trousers on the way home. Big mistake. It was as cold on the way home and my legs with 2 layers were so cold they were numb.... ho hum!

I have no energy after a very busy weekend and a stupid diet thanks to allergies.  But I am back in the UK in 3 weeks on Friday!!!!

Exam weeks started again today with the Finnish speaking exam and I have two exams on Wednesday and for the next 10days or so!

frozen secret waterfall!

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