Monday, 6 December 2010

1st post of December

Monday was the Finnish speaking exam part 1, went well... we had the most questions after our presentation and we answered all correctly so that was a relief.

Wednesday was our Renewable Energy "Tidal Barrage" presentation, we were last and that was in English! Then I rushed home ate some dinner and went to meet Britta pre our second Finnish exam. No one liked this exam it was strange as you couldn't really chat to much to "show off", we just had set topics to do and get on with. Everyone thinks they did ok but no one said they loved it!

Almost settled into the new apartment now! I sorted the boxes out on week nights and then when Eero came Friday night, we put the sofa together and by Sunday evening most things were back in their places and back together! Saturday, E took me shopping for a new bedroom light as the one we had broke on the way here. We also got some new curtains for the living room! So we got home late on Saturday and did te boring finishing touches. We also got a few more cushions.

Sunday, we went shopping and got the last few things to cook for when Jen and Britta came by for a gossip (I keep having a class over lunchtime, grr). So when we got home we had a more relaxed time, I cooked pulla (first time I adapted a recipe that I could eat) and it was good, also made blackcurrant crumble cake (hadn't made it for ages) then E made 3 pizza's and some homemade dipping sauces for the chips and veg sticks.

We had a good night and put the world to rights for 5 hours! Then they went home and we watched lost and chilled out.

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