Monday, 13 December 2010

Exams, exams, exams

Life is still is exam weeks for me and to be honest I am feeling it now in the 3rd week and I still have classes and seminars... so revising, working and learning new things but this is the point of a master's degree (or so I keep telling myself). Too keep pushing yourself to see how well and how much pressure you can take (I am averaging 4's "B's" in UK grading so I am happy just exhausted)

Today after realising I got the days mixed up and missed a seminar I have the second day of it tomorrow, the whole day until 4pm. Then I have an exam Wednesday. Today I checked my timetable for next semester... I also took on another 2 classes more than this semester... I have improved time management now, better than before (now I am on scary levels of time management). Serves me better in the long run as I can spend more time on my thesis next year! mwhahaha!

Then last week on Thursday at the end of my Finnish listening exam, I felt flu like but it wore off by Friday evening and just gave me headaches. However, not happy I had to site a big exam feeling that ill but we will see! Also on the weekend I checked for my other exam that was meant to be tomorrow to find it had been moved and the lecturer hadn't emailed and had been moved in last 3 weeks to Friday... no good to me as I booked my flights after the original exam was released so I have to take that January now, not amused that I will have to revise over my holiday now...

Thursday off to Tampere to stay with äiti for the night, then off to Helsinki airport Friday afternoon to get my Flight to Manchester.

Marlen is also in hospital waiting for surgery so I hoe that he gets well soon!

Now I must eat and revise! Wish I had time for sauna! arghh! hehe.

Ohhh... Friday Eero brought us a Christmas tree! so now that is all pretty and decorated and I will add the photos when I get time... or if I get time.

It is cold this week to, down to -20C meant to be -27C Thursday... urgh and I have to walk to the train station 3.5km but at least Eero took my main luggage with him.

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