Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas in the UK

Eero flew in Wednesday before Christmas but had a 2 hour delay also but Paul took me and we waited in the airport car park.

Tuesday before I had dentist and was told the wisdom tooth I always had trouble with needed to be removed... then an old filling needed to be replaced there was no time to do it then and there so that's a job for back home! urgh, no sugar, no chocolate now and it is Christmas...

As the snow was so heavy it closed shops, shopping centers and roads so even when I went out walking to get the food shopping I couldn't always get what we needed. But the snow melted a little and the shops opened again a few days after so out we went getting the last of the Christmas food.

Thursday before Christmas, we had a little party at our house, Jim, Roz, Liz, Eero, Dean, mom and dad. Nan and granddad had been snowed in at Somerset and Donna and kids over the other side of town. The night was enjoyable and we homemade 2 pizzas, honey baked ham and some Finnish pulla. I managed to bring mom some of the favourite salmon from Stockmann so she was happy. Thursday we also went up Merry Hill in the day got the last few presents, turkey, food and I spent £225 in Jane Norman sale... while Eero waited outside the shop for 40 minutes without complaint, lol... wardrobe restocked we carried on with the day. I was upset the one thing I planned for dad they never had in stock as it was a rare coat! but he can get one he wants now.

Dad was very ill when I got there but steadily improved after the 3rd load of antibiotics and looked alive by Christmas day but I made him drink most of my stash of Ribena.

Chirstmas Eve, we chilled out. Eero and me went a walk up the town to get the last few things, we wrapped presents and Zara, Sienna, Paul and Angela turned up to collect presents. I got Zara a moomin keyring and Sienna a penguin toy which were well received. We played in the dark with Eero. Gave them some pizza, honey roasted ham sandwiches and some profiteroles and they left. Paul returned later for the presents as the car was full of stuff. Nan and granddad dug their selves out and came to visit.

Christmas Day was a lot less stressful than normal maybe because nan wasn't there yet. I helped mom, Eero peeled some vegetables, Dean carved turkey as dad was too ill, me and mom served. Turkey was Norfolk Black cost £56 but was worth every penny. I ate it as it had had a happy life and was not of battery life. We opened presents on the morning of 25th, instead of the Finnish tradition of 24th evening.

Everyone arrived and we had glöggi (Finnish Christmas drink), everyone liked it, granddad was going crazy to know how it is made and if we could get some more. Everyone ate well (every dad managed a small dinner), I had turkey, peas and rice everyone else had traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

Boxing day was normal, family around, food, drink and talking. Dean went to fetch his daughter Eden and so we put all her presents under the tree before she arrived. Watched some tv, ate pizza (more homemade), cheese and biscuits for super for the normal people, talked and talked.

Monday the day we flew back. Nan and granddad came up to say bye and started everyone crying. Took 2.5hours to drive to Manchester, very busy. Flight had an hour delay so we went and did some airport shopping. Flight wasn't full, we read the same book... I didn't want to read mine so I read Eero's new book along with him. We got picked up from the airport and stayed at Hanna's the night. Got up the new day.. late and took Kaisa with us to Kirsti's. Eero and me went to shop, cooked some food for us and then he dropped me at the train station so I could get back to Jyväskylä.

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