Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Talvi... (winter)

Here is begins, the coldest darkest months. Most days for almost two weeks now have been below minus 5C and this week minus 8C warmest and minus 13.5C coldest. I think we can safely say that winter has begun.

The lakes are starting to freeze up now and I am hoping for a sunny day to catch them on the camera.  It is a bit dark and cloudy today to get a good shot worth publishing!

We move from Tampere this weekend. A new beginning is very exciting but I love Tampere and can't wait until we move back, hopefully to a house and apartments are annoying and small. I suppose I like my own space where other people and their pets can't disturb me.  I also miss gardening badly so that's my wish... 18 months to 2 years a house.  We can probably make it if I get a summer job.  Hehe! I blame Eero for this and his driving me around new building houses seeing which I like... so really he planted this seed. But a garden would be nice! Even though the ground is frozen 6 months of the year!

I am enjoying winter, even long walks in the cold. I have a good coat for the "cold" days but I kind of want another coat to blend in better. Need some better winter shoes too as my boats although all are new let water in when they get wet but that's what you get! I don't want wet feet in the name of fashion!

My bike is sleeping in the shed I kind of miss it but I can be bothered with going so fast and my hands and face getting so cold. Also I love to walk I can see more, day dream more and listen to more music or Finnish cd's. I like to think and walk, it helps me keep a level head. I would probably fall off my bike in this snow/ice anyway cause I ride like a bat out of hell.

I have learnt to walk on the ice and gain a good balance when I slip, which is always a matter of when here there is so much slippery ice under the snow.

Here in Jyväskylä according to the current weather conditions we have 11cm of snow. Probably about right but the roads and side walks are ploughed so it is hard to estimate until you tread in some snow =)

The secret waterfall is starting to freeze up too and I am hoping to get some photos of it half frozen in the next few days. Well the weekend really and it may have frozen by then.

Back to Tampere tomorrow afternoon for a day then the moving begins! Hopefully I get to meet Britta and Jenny for lunch tomorrow but we will see and hope! I have so much to complain about NOT!


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