Monday, 8 November 2010

Moving from Ristonmaa

So  I haven't posted for two weeks! The last week in October was exam week at school so I was busy with that.  Also I was packing up my things to move into our proper apartment in Jyväskylä.

On the 26th, I went to lunch with Jen and Britta as a late birthday lunch (Britta was in Estonia but brought me some chocolate).

The apartment is great but it was dirty and took two weekends in a row of constant cleaning to get it clean.  Eero moves here the end of November so it is not long left now on the trains going back and forth!!

I had to write up a minimum 10 pages essay in two weeks and submit a 30 minute presentation which I did on Friday... all presentations except mine where in Finnish so it was a hard but interesting 4.5 hour lecture!

It has been a work, clean and sort few weeks! Brought some new curtains so the new apartment looks like home until Eero moves here with some normal furniture!

He came to visit the weekend and had a throat infection and ran high fever, he even took his first day off work in 2.5 years but has gone back no =(

Allergies are still being a pain in the backside but appear to be calmer when I avoid certain things so that is the new plan.  The appointment came and I was in the UK when it was and the hospital say it could now be February before I get seen... another winter without vitamin D or one drinking milk and being ill... hopefully I can find a way to get it without taking vitamin B3 which I had a true allergy to a few years back.

Mom is really excited we are in the UK for Christmas and so is Eero.  It doesn't excite me as my diet stays the same or I suffer but I do enjoy the whole buying gifts, wrapping gifts thing and I have some great ideas planned! It is also nice to see my grand parents as they are in there 80's and each time maybe the last time.  I love to catch up with friends too, the ones that don't forget who you are as soon as you leave their sight! Eero and me fly to UK on different days which is a shame but I get too shop and cook for the party without him getting bored of carrying my stuff around shops... gives me and mom some catch up time and I get to play with the cats o.O

We have had proper snow in Jyväskylä a few weeks ago we had not much more than a hard frost last night but I took some photos walking to school on my phone camera today just as it looked so pretty and it was -2c and I didn't want to walk back with my proper camera.

I can't believe the time to move from Tampere is almost here properly but I know as soon as school is over we will end up back there and hopefully in a house!

I didn't get internet connection until Thursday =)


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