Monday, 18 October 2010

Autumn Days

As exam week's fast approach again, all I seem to be doing is studying or on the train... Saturday's I am doing as little as possible but nothing is never achievable! All is going well though I have 4 presentations to do, 1 essay, 3 exams... and whatever else I get from the course that hasn't started yet. Then I have my Finnish reading, grammar, speaking and listening exams... then 3 final exams in December.

I am excited to be going home with Eero for Christmas. Excited I go first so I can decorate the house and hugely excited that I get to see most of my family but not all with the short time I will be there.  With luck I can go home again Easter and see everyone else though it is anyone's guess whether Eero will go then.  I am also happy that I will get to do a bit of Christmas shopping. Also hoping to set up a ox or two to be shipped to Finland as I am running low of supplies here! lol

I am hoping to get a letter to see an allergist and be referred to a dietician by the end of this month.  During summer and autumn I planned to drop around 9kg through exercise and healthier eating as much as the allergies would allow.  However, my allergies are wreaking havoc and my diet is heavily restricted without trying I have lost 7kg... whoopes. I am far from wasting away though but I am sure my mother would disagree. I just can't get good enough replacements for some of the things I had in the UK and appear yo be having problems with milk and milk products here.

Winter, is close here by feels but a month away still calendar wise. November here direct translation is the mud month so it will be cold and wet by definition.  The clocks go back next week so it will be dark at 5pm.

My birthday is a week away and I have had some textbooks and some boots that I am aware of =)

Eero is coming to Jyväskylä so we can see the new apartment on Thursday and that means I get a free ride back to Tampere but have to get the train back... cant have it  all ways xXx

I have been here almost 11 months and it is scary as it doesn't feel like that long! but I am happy with progress. I don't have time for the job I would like I hardly have time to sleep and eat but I still will try for a internship for my dissertation, I think... Language is coming along nicely... we are now advanced beginners which is good. I understand a lot more than I did before August and finally I am starting to learn how to learn anther language!



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