Sunday, 24 October 2010

Life is too good!

So, after a crazy week at school I have never seen so much work! Every time I finish one piece of work there are 2 more to replace it (or so it seems). I am slightly ahead now... Finnish work done and checked by Eero, Marlen's class work completed and I have done the work for the rest of the week so it will just be posting on people's work now and that won't take long. I have an exam Friday to prep for so I have a lot to do!

I should have a little more free time this week as one of my courses is ending even though it another course starts with a very erratic timetable and gives me some more clashes.

Overall, I have had a great week! some really exciting things have happened this week which I am not willing to divulge in on a blog! but new doors open maybe and if not then I have a foot in the door to a proper career at the end of it all or the means to get there! Other good things happened this week too!

Mom seems sad this week as it will be my first birthday from home without her, bit of empty nest syndrome I think. Eero has always come to the UK before to see me.  Instead this time he has brought me more things than I care to sit here and list... proof he listens heehee

Thursday, Eero drove to Jyväskylä after work, we had late lunch with Pekka and Katri in the city.  Then we went to view the new apartment! Which is great, very different to the one we are in now but it is good! We have a sauna which beats the sauna turns we currently have! Then he took me back to Tampere...

Saturday, I had to work on finishing some university work, then we went to city... were they didn't have what I wanted so we went to äiti's (Kirsti's) for coffee and cake. Had a good gossip then went to the shop to find some new stuff for the apartment (any excuse). However, we didn't find anything we wanted so we went home and ate.

My bike in Jyväskylä also has a flat tire which is annoying as it slows down doing anything but I do enjoy the walking! It snowed in Jyväskylä the weekend but we had none of it in Tampere.  I have a few things I need to go and sort in city next week too.

K <3's E


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