Sunday, 10 October 2010

My first Finnish taught class and Eero's second visit

It's still so very pretty here and the trees in the UK don't go so many shades of orange but you can feel winter biting at autumn now, night frosts and cold days.

Last week was chaotic first four hours of my day were in a Finnish taught class, though I wish I could tell you I understood  perfectly I probably only understood 40% but lecturer was happy that I was using the lecture to improve my Finnish... it worked somewhat as  I have more confidence speaking even knowing that what I say isn't always correct but people seem happy that you are trying to learn so I continue. My Saturday lecture was a mistake on the system I found that out on Friday...later on Friday evening I also found that all my Monday classes had been cancelled and I have no classes on Thursday.  I wished I could be excited about this free time but there is too much to do in it to enjoy it!

I walked to the train station on Friday to get Eero but I went early hoping to buy a jumper a little thicker than the one I have now as it's a bit cold in one lecture room.  I also went to the post office as I had 3 parcels to collect (that's right my waterstones books have finally started to arrive and mom sent me some chocolate!) then I went down to the train station to wait for Eero, his train was delayed.  Then when we got home we found out about all my cancelled lectures.  I am used to being alone now and have made some more friends over the last few weeks which is all good.

The weekend has been great though we have played around as normal, looked for some more apartments as I move out of halls the end of this month! yippeee! Also got some warm socks, jeans and other fun things.  Eero being all stressed about my allergies playing up got me some magic vitamin concentrated cranberry juice which to be fair is nice!

The doctor's is Tuesday and with luck I get a quick referral to an allergist and then we can fix me again and life can return to normal!

If all goes well this week I can leave for Tampere when I finish school at 6pm on Wednesday. So much to do yet to make that a promise but Thursday eveni[gallery]

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