Friday, 1 October 2010

Search, find, learn

We have been lucky with the weather last week, though it has been cold in the day (damp cold that aches your bones) it has been sunny.

Tuesday after school I went for an 8km walk to explore a few places around Jyväskylä I hadn't been to. Mainly because I go back to Tampere after school Thursday and don't return until late Sunday night. So now I spend my Tuesday afternoon's walking around looking for new walks and places while taking photos. I found two new nature walks and still haven't got to explore Harju park properly yet. Hopefully the good weather holds out as next weekend Eero comes to visit me in Jyväskylä so we can explore a few places.

I have an intensive course next week so I have lectures on Friday and Saturday until 12.30pm. Then I will eat and we can go explore some more! Friday I also got the call from Eero to terminate my student lease and we applied for a few apartments in Jyväskylä. Now we have to wait and see what we get as I am out of student halls from 1st November =) yay! Yes I did terminate my lease on the last day in the last few business hours but it saves us paying three rents in one month!

So from 1st November we should have an apartment here but Eero may not get here until late November or December but I will have my own space to clean, wash and do as I please. I am actually very excited about this change, it means it is real again. Then we can see about changing cars =) somewhat exciting even for me (secretly I like cars).

I love my course but it is intense even without the extra course running. Into the deal, I am actually picking up another book exam next week when I can meet my lecturer to discuss terms. I also have my first exam Wednesday afternoon... chemistry calculations it will hurt somewhat I think!!

Oh, I also started taking Marlen's class for academic writing, aim of the class to get yourself published. I am actually loving this class and wished it lasted longer than a few weeks.

Suomi class is going well though it can be a little frustrating as my other classes push for so much time and effort, I have less time and energy for the Finnish but good progress is still being made and I understand a lot more of what people say. Quite handy around town, banks, shops and even on the train. Also be happy when Eero moves and he can start helping me too.

Waterstones are trying for the 3rd time to deliver my books I ordered in May, I hope to anyone or thing that the third time is lucky as my patience is as dry as Antarctica (driest place on Earth).

I have also been forced to book a doctors appointment as my allergies are having random fits and I am sick of trying to second guess what the problem is and my diet is restricted again now (not healthy). Hopefully I can then get referred to an allergist with some speed. Doctor isn't until 12th October as the original appointment clashed with my intensive one week course *ho hum*

Dad also got another all clear with his cancer check up so nothing is spreading. Granddad also got his all clear on his cancer in the beginning of the week. Life is good. Though nan had a very bad fall and has bruised her face and hips but all is normal apart from that.

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