Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A post of First's

So yesterday was a very productive day for us we had the apartment confirmed so at least am I not homeless and sleeping on Jenny sofa. This has brought a whole new world of excitement to Jyväskylä for me. Probably the opposite for Eero unless it goes well with getting transferred... but it is far from bad at the minute so we smart to enjoy the good times!

Eero also booked our flights to the UK last night, we fly there separately but come home together as E can only get 3 days off as he has no holidays left =( but still he seems excited about his first Christmas in thee UK and my first Christmas there for three years... Hope I don't miss the snow too much but it will still be here a good while when we return =)

E is still looking at what car we should get next, I like VW and ford focus but we will see what we end up with... just hope it is not white! lol As I don't have anywhere to drive anymore it is not that much of an issue for me =(

Today (12 Oct) we have seen the first snowfall of this "winter" here, it is still snowing now and my proper winter clothes are in Tampere... but I have enough to improvise and I have my waterproofs so my jeans don't get wet... I can live with looking like an idiot so long as I don't have to sit in 4 hours of lectures cold and wet =) .  However, it is still snowing quite heavy here and there won't be any let up in it either, clouds are low, dark and full of snow!


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