Friday, 14 January 2011

1 week of school, semester 2

It begins again and I really don't know where the three weeks off we had went, I don't feel to rested as this vitamin deficiency is on it's last legs but I still feel tired and am struggling to concentrate for long periods of time.

I spent most of my holiday looking at my Finnish notes, trying to remember it all, it's going well I hope! Revising for the Bioenergy production and utilization exam today. I am hoping it went well but I don't like to tempt fate!! I saw Markku (lecturer) in the corridor and he asked me how I was getting and if I was enjoying being at school, impressed with my answer we both left happy...

I obviously looked to Finnish waiting outside the exam room as the next person who came immediately started to speak to me in Finnish, we kept up for a while then he used more complicated language and me being me was like "Hey, what's that mean?". Then we went in the exam... we were early in and started chatting to Prasad and he asked how my Christmas was and I told him, snow chaos and illness but I am getting better now... !hour 45mins into exam I had written all I could remember and deemed worthy to write about and left. Prasad had changed with another lecturer as he had something to do and I saw him while I was putting my coat on. He asked what I thought of the exam and I said well I liked it more than any other exam I have sat yet... I do love bioenergy though, only problem with a subject on it is I don't enjoy all areas and I find ethanol production and biodiesel boring... but there wasn't too much about it in the exam.

This first week has been crazy, my water management course is a little strange but there is no exam just an essay and with a schedule as heavy as mine, I think I am glad I have a break from one exam!

Thursday Eero worked from home, I had 6 hours at school and only had 40mins off all day for lunch. I finished class at 4pm where Eero came to meet me! yay! we brought a snow shovel on the way home and we currently have 52cm!! and needed to dig the car out.

Then I also received the email that English speaking is not allowed in the next Finnish course, Finnish only. Which was scary last night but today it doesn't seem so bad, I mean the point is to give us practise and confidence so I am now looking forward to Monday!

Tomorrow we met Jen... yay!!!! xXx

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