Monday, 24 January 2011

It has only been 2 weeks

School is really taking it's toll this semester, I have 3 days where most of my studies or all are in Finnish some days have 4 hours of being spoken to and expected to understand in Finnish... it is so tiring i actually don't believe it!

Fridays are my study day but they are being used to study as I have been researching my seminar report and starting to research for my thesis next year. This week I have one intensive course ending. But I have 2 exams in February and an allergist appointment. On the upside we have no classes on week 9 so that will be a nice lie in week at least unfortunately there is so much work to do to have "time off" but life is like that and master's degrees are not meant to be easy.

Eero is helping me improve my Finnish speaking and I am very proud of him for keeping his promise as boring as it must be for him to help me.

Weekends are a blur at the minute as school work is eating into them. I handed a project in early on Saturday at 10.50pm. I know it will all be worth the time and effort in the end or I hope so!

Sunday was fun, we walked to Jenny's for lunch with Britta and friends. It was great! and we meet the cutest dog in the world! Alas we can't have a dog yet but that won't stop me trying!

We are all going to learn to skate next weekend, poor Eero doesn't know what he let himself in for. Well he does and I think it bemuses him greatly that we are always moaning, laughing and messing around. He's happy when I am these days!

This was just a quick blog to prove I am still alive! we have 57cm of snow at the minute too! awesome!

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