Sunday, 16 January 2011

Panda Factory Shop and good times!

Saturday was a cold day minus 22C but we were all excited!!! So we went to pick up Jen plus guest to go visit the Panda factory! yay!!! When we got to the Panda factory we discovered the shop was being renovated so it was a little less exciting than it should of been and no panda statue or person dressed up in sight =(

But there was loads of chocolate and liquorice to buy so we got Eero and a few gifts! It wasn't so sad as I thought it would be with me on my chocolate ban. We had a good time, then we went for coffee and pulla in a funky little cafe and we did the normal talking, giggling and not being aware of the people around.

Then we went to our house, shopped for some food to eat in citymarket where Graham grabbed my arm and we had a good old catch up! You see everyone in citymarket, I till you!! Then came home cooked pizza, more talking and watched Ice Age!

Jen and Tarmo left in the evening and then we watched Lost, had a sauna and a good chat with Eero.

Sunday was a slightly more annoying day, after I planned all my lecturers, double checked there timetables and room allocations. Sent a few emails and then got told 2 of the courses we not running, one of them was only in Finnish which is a core subject for me so I have to ect take it in 2012. I was planning to take 41ECt this semester now I am down to 35 but I am trying to take a book exam for 6ECt on another subject. Life is good though just frustrating when plans have to change!

Tomorrow is the start of the Finnish only speaking Finnish course which will be very strange for a week or two! Sunday night brought the start of a new era but one that has been promised before... Eero took out my Finnish books at his own and we got to speak with them for over an hour! And I am getting over my "y" and "u" problems! hehe

Eero has been sexy, cheeky and very romantic all weekend! <3 Let the good times continue!

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