Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Suomi 3

So The day before we start this course we have an email; "Kurssilla puhutaan VAIN suomea." Which will be as hard as hell, I am used to English if i am not optionally trying or don't quite know what i want to say... to add to the fun we never practiced much speaking previously... But Eero to the rescue has actually start teaching me to speak which is great a few hours private tutoring a week, also a small group of us are gathering once a week to practice and learn some new words... yay!

I am also on a grammar course to try and get all these rules to live in my brain and not in my books!

shows the levels of speaking and learning we are on the B1 course now!

This is meant to be a hard course as the new rules are more complicated but we will see! 5 people dropped out after the first class and the surprise test...

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