Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

New Year's Eve is also Eero and Elisa's birthday. Eero had work in Tampere so had to drive back to Jyväskylä to celebrate. We decided on a quieter year as since August it had just been constant moving around and doing things.

I think New Year's eve is very over rated to be honest and the best celebrations I have had are the one's here in Finland... I have done many things, seen many places on that night but none have been as good as the ones in Finland with good food, friends, alcohol and laughs,,, also fireworks on frozen lakes are pretty awesome!

Marlen has gone back to the states, Britta is in Germany so that left Jen and me here (many others obv but from our little group we were left!!) So I asked Jen around for food, fun and fireworks and a good catch up!

When Eero got home around 4pm, we empited the new shiny beautiful car (it's our new toy) of the luggage we took to UK, well brought back... my new wardrobe of £575 worth of clothes and extra Christmas presents. Then we went straight back out to pick up Jen from her apartment. Then to citymarket as I needed to do the weekly shop and felt like crap.

I thought I was coming down with flu in exam week I couldn't concentrate and I didn't do as well as normal... I just felt like death. Turns out it was a nasty vitamin deficiency which I am still solving but I am feeling well again.

So we talked and talked and talked, watched some DVDs and gave a running commentary of what they meant to say... hilarious! E made some pizza dough for us, we ate (not me!!) chocolates we got for Christmas and chips. I ate rice krispies hehe. Then we watched the people around us set off fireworks, well before midnight.. so pretty!! We went to buy fireworks but they only had €60+ boxes left and they get a bit boring after a while and that many would give me neck ache!!

Jen got us some sparklers instead so we decided to walk to ylistönrinne campus and watch fireworks from the top or from the bridge depending where people where shooting them from. Then we lit sparklers and played with them which was very entertaining. Jen and Eero shared a bottle of fizzy wine and I had my luxury cartoon of Ribena! Then we walked home, laughing and joking. Teasing Eero about anything but he gives as good as he gets. Looking at people's christmas decorations. Then we got home and watched more films and then we went to bed in small hours...

New Year's Day

There was no rush to get up and Jen left around 2pm as she had some work she needed to complete for her job. I gave her directions home as I still felt crappy with my vitamin deficiencies. Then E and me chilled out, watched some Lost. Sunday was a similar day but we watched Inception on DVD, I am on the fence with it, it ended on a predictable place for me but I have seen much much worse!!!

Eero decided he wasn't leaving for work until 5am Monday morning so I made him some breakfast to take and some snacks. Then got up at 4.30am to make him drinks and flask of tea. Then I went back to bed just before he left.

On the plus side I am eating a lot more variation now, things that I haven't eaten for years suit me now but I still have problems with the birch group and I don't do well with E numbers, artificial additives, colours and preservatives. But things are getting better and I don't see an allergist until February, where I am being retested to see what has changed or if the first one's were correct.

Dad is getting better now and they screened him to check it wasn't his cancer spreading it wasn't so that was good news. I am no where near as home sick as I used to be on returning but I have been here 13 months and I love it here more than I loved home, of course I miss my friends and family but needs must!!

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