Monday, 14 March 2011

A poster session at the New Dynamics of Language Learning annual conference

It seems at least that my luck is still holding up as Friday, I received a confirmation email to take part in the poster session at the New Dynamics of Language Learning annual conference! Eck! It was an exciting few moments! This conference isn't until June so I have until April free until I have to prepare a posters and a presentation, so life is good and I am hoping that my luck holds out for April and June!

I was on the train going to Tampere on Friday and it was nice that the train was not too late! Then we hung out and talked and I made us meatballs... ew I dislike touching raw minced beef!

Saturday, we went to Raisio to visit Katri, Pekka and the new baby Kasper. Great day, eating, talking, walking. We really had a good time and I understand more Finnish though by the time I think of an answer with native paced conversation, they are subjects on lol. I got to drive home, super exciting driving the new car home, driving on proper snow and ice! whoohoo!

Sunday, we ate, played some board games and then went into Tampere city to window shop as there was nothing we needed to get. The we went to Joukos and Kati's for lunch and I got the train home to Jyväskylä which left on time but got stuck 25 minutes in Orivesi... making me late for the bus and thus not happy waiting 25 minutes for another bus, normally I walk but I just wanted to be lazy.

The snow started melting and all was looking good, then today we got another 5cm of snow! I would like to see some pretty spring flowers now, snow is getting boring lol

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