Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Kalevala Day

Last week was busy, 2 courses ended and I spent the end of the week finishing off the last few things.

I applied for one summer job. Just one, which may seem a little daring but I thought I would follow dreams. Let's face it, this will be the last summer I can go without a job. I looked at a lot of companies since January but only Metso appealed. All be it, that it is one of the most competitive companies to apply for summer work here in Finland. Especially in Jyväskylä, as this city is small and the student population is so high. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Whatever happens, it all happens for a reason. I am confident I stand a chance or I wouldn't have applied in the first place. One way, or another, I find out in April. IF, it doesn't work out it's not something I am going to take to heart with so many people applying for work. It's all good life experience and practice! Besides, once you lose hope, you have lost everything!

Applied for summer school too, only 50 places on the course I want to take but I think I should get that, my CV is very strong for it and my degree program. I don't know until June though! It's only a week long course in August but you never what opportunities these things give you!

I'm waiting to hear about the poster conference too which happens in June, I think we should hear about that sometime this month (March).

Four more courses started the last week of February. One of them, gives me another seminar report to write. The others are 100% exams... eck... I have 3 exams on May 20th and maybe one in June, and scarily one in April!!!! (well 3 of them as it's the Finnish course.

Finnish is hard this time as the course is 100% exams and it's not as long as normal courses! SO many, new grammar rules to learn and master. Then the speaking which is what I have trouble with... 26 years of speaking only English, it is a challenge not to pronounce things the English way but not impossible. My free writing is improving and Eero is helping me correct my mistakes, by helping I mean I have to explain why I think that certain thing should happen and if it's wrong try and work out what should happen and why. It's hard way to learn but it is beneficial, I just hope he has the patience to keep it up as no one becomes a good writer after the first try!

Sunday's pulla experiment. After finding out I'm allergic to cardamom, I now use cinnamon in pulla buns. These ones were filled with cream cheese and berries. Indulgent! mmmmm

A great week overall, E has been as cheeky as ever and brought me a tortoise pillow/toy called "Pullero". It's soo cute!

Other fun, things happened the weekend but I am not to blog about those as it may bring bad luck! haha! but maybe I blog about them in the summer after I find some good ones and we go visit them =D

28th February was Kalevala day, so we watched the Kalevala course film I brought and Eero enjoyed it too. I was watching again to make sure there was nothing I missed from my notes the first time around. It's a great film in Chinese and Finnish with English Subtitles... "jadesoturi". It combines Chinese and Finnish folklore, it is more Chinese than Finnish though but still a nice film!

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