Monday, 21 February 2011


Thursday night, I stayed up again, night was clear but no northern lights....

Friday, was -30C again and I caught the bus to the city to get the train back to Tampere for the weekend. The train was one hour and 30 minutes late. It should of been arriving in Tampere when it left. Tired, I got to Tampere with Eero waiting in the car park. He saw me the car park was so full I couldn't see the car. We went to Jouko and Kati's and we ate. I gave Jouko my newly expanded allergy list. Looked out for the Lights again but saw nothing was cloudy. Disappointed I was told they are quite common to be seen here even as far south as Tampere especially in the autumn. So content I will wait until then!!

Saturday, Eero took me to allermiina my old allergy friend shop! and it served me well though with the new extended allergies containing soy and nuts, it made life very hard! We found me some juices, sweets and biscuits and a small amount cost a small fortune! Then we went to ideapark, I forgot what we were looking for, nothing I suppose! We went to see the new glasses Eero will be getting to check if they were still good! They were but not his normally choice but I think they look good! Then we went to Kirti's to say hei and eat some of my allergy friendly foods.

Sunday, we went to help Elisa and Joni move house their new apartment in the city in soooo beautiful! It makes it a sad day to live in rental apartments where there is no point painting walls and such! Then we went for the train, Eero sat with me to wait. Weekend was great. Tampere was a lot warmer than JYV is.

I can't wait to move back to Tampere even though it won't be until Summer or Winter 2012.

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