Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hyvää ystävänpäivää kaikille! Happy Friend's Day everyone!

In Finland 14th February is Friend's Day. I love this far more Valentine's Day. I'm not really much into commercial events which single out and depress large numbers of people. Nor do I need a day to know Eero loves me or to tell him I love him. He's told often enough. But still it was nice that Eero worked from home so I got to see him and around 4pm he came to meet me in city. But I do like the romance theme fortunately Eero is romantic most of the time, so I'm lucky! my allergies also force him to get imaginative!

We went glasses shopping for him which is not as much fun as girl glasses shopping. I did enjoy it though and I love that he wanted me to look with him. Few hours later we walked home. I also converted my driver's license to a Finnish one that I get within a month! YAY!

I saw photos of Zara and Sienna last night and was bemused by Sienna being a "mini me" of Paul. Still waiting for another picture of Alex. =)

On the night of the 14th, the Northern Lights were visible in Jyväskylä and I went to bed at 11pm to get some sleep for the allergist today!!! Photos of Northern Lights They are meant to be visible now until the 17th here so a few late late nights!!

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